Guitar Amplifiers

Get Real Sound from your Guitar with an Amplifier


We carry new and a variety of used amplifiers for guitars and basses.

Used Amplifiers:

You never know what you will find! We get in everything from "Vintage amps" to a great deal on a small practice amp! Come by our store to see if anything has arrived!

Amps, Cabinets, Power Mixers, Power Heads, Effects, Speaker gear!!! 10watt to 100watt. Amplifiers for entry level players, intermediate and advanced.

Used amplifiers and gear include: Fender, Crate, Sunn, Roland and others.

We carry new and used Amplifiers, cabinets and heads:

A few brands we carry:

CONSIGNMENT: Our store buys, sells and consigns all amplifiers and gear.


Many Acoustic amplifiers have microphone channels for playing and singing through the amplifier. In addition, many of the acoustic amps have built-in settings for effects. Professional Performance systems include: