Music Lessons

Learn to play Guitar
All of our instructors are experienced in music education, and have credentials or music degrees. Our instructors teach students of all ages and all musical levels. Each instructor specializes in beginning guitar, as well as intermediate and advanced.
- For all ages and levels
- Beginning to advance
- Individual & group lessons
- Instruction by music professionals
- Play your favorite songs
Learning guitar is fun! Whether you want to learn your favorite songs or how to read music and understand music theory our teaching staff can help. To begin your guitar instruction, just call our store or choose from an instructor listed below to set an appointment. Each description below lists the instructor's specialty and teaching schedule.

Music Lessons available at Moze Guitars

  • Alan Vincent
    Specialties: Blues & Jazz Guitar, and Theory Blues Harmonica
    Contact Number:
    Dates Available :
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Ian Owen
    10+ years of experience Specialties: Rock, Blues, and Jazz
    Contact Number:
    Dates Available :
    Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
  • Jonathan Davis
    M.A. Music BA, Univ. of Arizona All styles and levels. Guitar specialties include: Classical, Metal, Rock, Blues, Country Secondary instrument: Bass, Ukulele
    Contact Number:
    Dates Available :
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Mark Bacilla
    M.A. Music, B.A. Music, 30 years Specialties: Jazz, Rock, Classical, Blues Guitar, Bass, Vocal-- All Levels
    Contact Number:
    Dates Available :
    Tuesday, Thursday
  • Mark Madruga
    M.A. Music B.A. Music Education, 30 yrs.
    Contact Number:
    Dates Available :
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
  • Richard Welty
    Specialties: Bass Guitar – Ukulele - Blues and Rock Guitar - Songwriting and Music Theory Lessons Available on Monday and Tuesday afternoons and evenings
    Contact Number:
    Dates Available :
    Monday, Tuesday
  • Steve Langdon
    BA Music, 20 years experience Specialties: Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo Recording, Keyboards & Effects
    Contact Number:
    Dates Available :
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday